Genoa Mediterranean Cruise Packages

During your Italian Mediterranean Cruise, make sure to stop in Genoa where you will experience the beauty and romance of this ancient city that predates Rome. You will be greeted by the Genoa Lighthouse, or "the lantern," as you arrive in port, and this towering landmark will be visible from all points in the city. It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world and will certainly provide a background for some great photo opportunities. Stroll the narrow streets of Genoa and stop in a restaurant for an amazing home-style Italian meal. You will instantly fall in love with charming Genoa.

If you are planning to cruise the Italian Rivera, Genoa is a port you will not want to miss. It is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and you can even visit the explorer's childhood home. Genoa is filled with historical jewels; from Renaissance architecture to palaces that have been transformed into modern day museums and galleries, Genoa has something for everyone. The city even boasts the second largest aquarium in the world, in addition to all of its cultural and historical sites.

Don't miss a stroll through Genoa's Via Garibaldi; the most beautiful section of the old city. In Genoa you will have the opportunity to step back into history by simply walking through the worn streets. Visit the Piazza de Ferrari, framed by the Genoa Opera and the Palace of the Doges. Or just sit with a gelato or a glass of wine and imagine what it would have been like to live in Genoa during the Renaissance, or during the time of the Roman Empire. Genoa is a perfect place to stop and reflect during your Italian cruise.

Destination Oceans will help you plan out all the details of your Italian Riviera cruise. You can even personalize your Italian Mediterranean Cruise with details like rental cars and extended stays. Destination Oceans will make sure that it is truly Your Vacation, Your Way!