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MSC Italian cruises offer a combination of luxury, design, and hospitality that you will never forget. Each of the amazing ships boasts beautiful Italian decor and attention to detail in every aspect. Comfort, adventure, and luxury abound on the amazing MSC cruises offered through Destination Oceans.

One of the many elegant ships in the MSC cruise line, the Armonia, has recently been updated in a marvelous Italian fashion. Cruise the Aegean in this splendid ship to experience luxury, culture and style onboard and off. After exploring Venice and the shoreline of Italy, travelers visit the islands of Greece, including Santorini and Mykonos. A day trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia is also on the itinerary.

If the Mediterranean is more to your taste, board the Musica and sail along the stunning Italian coast. This glamorous ship has a vast array of amenities, from a miniature golf course to an elegant theater. Port cities on the tour include Genoa, Naples and Palermo, on the island of Sicily. Tunisia and France are also on the Musica's itinerary. For an outstanding MSC cruise deal, Destination Oceans helps you customize the many aspects of your vacation. You will never forget the elegance and entertainment you experience on the MSC cruise line.

The only thing that could be better than being aboard one of these outstanding vessels is getting a MSC cruise deal through Destination Oceans. You truly take charge of your vacation by selecting your form of transportation, and even choosing which ports begin and end your vacation. This level of customization adds even more enjoyment to your MSC Italian cruise. With Destination Oceans, you get Your Vacation, Your Way!

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