Amsterdam Cruise Packages

Visit Amsterdam on your European River Cruise vacation to get an interesting look at this amazing city. With almost 7000 national monuments, historic buildings, charming streets and world famous cafes, Amsterdam is a traveler's dream city. Amsterdam is a city of canals, culture, artwork and beauty. While planning your European river cruise, make Netherlands and Amsterdam one of your destinations.

On your visit to Amsterdam, make sure to see the amazing collections of art by Van Gogh and Rembrandt that are housed in museums throughout the city. Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city with a personality of its own. From canals to 17th century architecture, boutiques to sidewalk cafes, your cruise to Netherlands and Amsterdam will be filled with unique experiences.

Don't miss Vonelpark, a beautiful park right in the center of the city that is usually brimming with concerts, artistic displays, and general merriment. Be sure and include this eclectic and charming city as a stop while on your cruise. Amsterdam is a city not to be overlooked. A floating hotel is a special way to get a different vantage point for the city. Imagine touring through many of Europe's cities and only having to unpack once. On a European cruise, destinations like Amsterdam are what will make your vacation a lasting memory.

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