Budapest Cruise Vacation Packages

European River Cruise of the Danube will let you explore amazing cities like Budapest, in a unique and relaxing way. Float along the Danube River in a cruise ship that allows direct access to the amazing city of Budapest, Hungary. Here you will discover a welcoming culture, breathtaking architecture, and a unique blend of history and modern convenience. Cruise Hungary and discover the beautiful banks of the Danube and the treasures of the capital city. In Budapest you will find three UNESCO World Heritage sites, multiple museums, gorgeous parks and recreation, and a multitude of other attractions.

Spend time during your European River Cruise experiencing an original Turkish bath, still in operation and good condition since the time of the Turkish occupation. Or, step inside the largest synagogue in all of Europe, Dohany utca Synagogue, and visit the beautiful and somber memorial to Holocaust victims, housed in the synagogue's garden. The city of Budapest is steeped in history and one merely has to walk down the streets to experience it.

Whether you choose to browse the art and history museums, shop for collectibles and gifts, taste the famous wines of Hungary, or relax in a park or cafe, Budapest certainly has something you will enjoy. Your cruise to Budapest will expose you to a city that has evolved over hundreds of years into the beautiful, modern gem it is today.

With Destination Oceans you can customize your European River Cruise of the Danube to a degree not available from other cruise providers. When you cruise to Hungary and Budapest with Destination Oceans, you can be sure that it is Your Vacation, Your Way!