Cochem European River Cruise Packages

When you visit Cochem on your European River Cruise, you will discover one of the most beautiful places in the Mosel valley. Cochem is overlooked by a gothic castle perched high above the town - adding to the already picturesque nature of the area. You can take a tour of the castle and learn about its rough history of construction, destruction, and renovation. The castle lends a fairytale feeling to the already quaint and traditional German town. Beautiful timbered houses, a thriving wine making culture, and a kind atmosphere will greet you as you step off the boat of your river cruise into Cochem, Germany.

European River Cruises in Germany provide a unique and special way to visit many cities and localities that many tourists might otherwise miss. Cochem is one of the lovely towns that might get overlooked on a conventional tour. The Mosel valley is a breathtaking region filled with history and tradition that spans millennia. Remember that this region produces spectacular wines, so while you are in Cochem you should consider taking a tasting tour at one of the wineries. You will get a chance to learn about the famous wines of the region, the process by which they are made, and even taste and select a few bottles to bring home with you.

With Destination Oceans you will get the chance to visit Cochem on a European river cruise. This is one of the best ways to discover Europe. You will find yourself observing the countryside that is often overlooked, taking in the beauty of it all with no stress about transportation, hotel changes, and where to eat. A river cruise in Germany and throughout the Heartland of Europe will be a vacation you never forget. Call Destination Oceans today to learn about how you can customize your European River Cruise. We make it a priority to help you personalize your cruise to a degree unmatched by other cruise providers. With Destination Oceans you are sure to enjoy Your Vacation, Your Way!