Koblenz River Cruise Packages

Visit Koblenz Germany on a Rhine European River Cruise and you will discover a city with over 2000 years of history. The city is located at the picturesque junction of the Rhine and the Mosel River, and has been an important traffic junction for a very long time. Koblenz was the past residence of the Electors of Trier, and there is a beautiful castle, the Alte Burg, to show for it. Much of the old city was fortified by strong walls and forts, which makes for some great historical touring. Step inside the walls of the Alte Burg for a glimpse of the Municipal Archives and Library. Or, you may elect to take in some culture in the Koblenz theatre where you can catch an opera or a play.

Your Rhine River cruise will expose you to the beautiful German countryside. You will literally pass by dozens of castles along the banks of the Rhine River as you are entering and leaving the city of Koblenz. This unique way of traveling through Europe's heartland will make for a vacation that is impossible to forget. Both within and without the city limits you will find yourself awed by the great amount of history that has taken place on the banks of these rivers. Whether you are strolling the streets of the Old Town in Koblenz and shooting photographs of the many statues and memorials, or gazing from the balcony of your boat at the castles and rolling green hills of the countryside, you will be absorbing the heart of Germany.

A European River Cruise is one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to see the interior of the continent. With Destination Oceans you can find yourself aboard a Rhine River cruise that will have you visiting cities like Koblenz, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, among others. Book your European River Cruise with Destination Oceans and you will find that you have more flexibility to customize your cruise than you would from other cruise providers. At Destination Oceans our certified cruise specialists make it their priority to give you Your Vacation, Your Way!