Moscow Cruise Packages

Discover parts of Russia that most tourists never get to see. A Russian River Cruise includes traditional stops in the beautiful cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, along with an intimate view of smaller villages and towns that portray a very different lifestyle. While you cruise Moscow you will have the chance to explore the historic city on your own, as well as take guided tours that will educate you on some of the interesting and little known facts about the city. Make sure to pack a camera with lots of memory, because you will be snapping away at the whimsical and beautiful St. Basil's in Red Square, along with other amazing landmarks on your Russia cruise.

There is a treasure trove of culture and history to discover when you visit Moscow. Step into Lenin's tomb where you can actually view the Communist leader's embalmed body. Walk through the Red Square and imagine the starkly different periods of government and social life being ruled from that spot. Or, for something more lighthearted, attend a showing at Kuklachev Cat's Theatre where you will be amazed by a gaggle of acrobatic kitties. Your Russia cruise will surely introduce you to a place rich in history, legend, and culture.

Embarking on a Russia river cruise will introduce you to a world that many people will never see. Moscow is a city that has undergone vast changes, many of them taking place in the past 100 years. Come to this vibrant and beautiful city to get an inside glimpse into history that has shaped the modern world. Visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the villages and towns of Russia that lie between them. With Destination Oceans you will get an amazing Russia River Cruise deal, and have the opportunity to customize your vacation to truly make it Your Vacation, Your Way!