Passau River Cruise Packages

A European River Cruise of Germany is an excellent way to see this interesting and beautiful part of the world. Passau is a town in Lower Bavaria, Eastern Bavaria, Germany. It is known as the city of Three Rivers, because the Ilz River, the Inn River join the Danube River. About a 5th of the population are students attending the local University of Passau, which was founded in the late 1970's and is the extension of the Institute for Catholic Studies. It is well known in Germany for its institutes of Economics, Law, Computer Sciences and Cultural Science.

Tourism in Passau is mainly focused around the three main rivers, the St. Stephen's Cathedral and the "Old City". Take a minute to see the 17,774 pipe organ at St. Stephen's, the second largest church pipe in the world. Because of the city's location many Danube river cruise begin Passau. It is also possible to use a cycle path all the way down to Vienna. You will notice that the town is dominated by the Veste Oberhaus and the former fortess of the Bishop, on the mountain crest between the Danube and the Ilz rivers. All of this makes Passau the perfect destination for your European River Cruise with Destination Oceans.

Going on a Danube River cruise is a special way to visit Passau, along with many other cities and countries on the interior of Europe. River cruises are an economical and convenient way to move throughout the continent; imagine visiting three or more countries and only needing to unpack once. Traveling the waterways of Europe is relaxed and slow paced. You will get a chance to see the countryside morph into the city, and watch as you glide past ancient castles and beautiful vineyards. When you book a European River Cruise through Destination Oceans you will get the added benefit of customizing your vacation in ways that are not available from other cruise providers. Choose to extend your stay, add a rental car, upgrade your room, or book shore excursions ahead of time. A Destination Oceans certified cruise specialist will be pleased to help you craft Your Vacation, Your Way!